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My life - a wasted opportunity

Hello, I’m Codric. I used to be a big shot, now look at me. Maybe you can learn from my downfall?

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© Vic Forrington 2003

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Yes, I was a man of substance way back
Someone with whom you’d be proud to be seen
A man with a future, a man with the knack
I was there and yet to become a has been.

It was good when it was easy
When the world was built for me
Not that I was ever lazy
Getting everything for free.

The seventh son of a seventh son
Already with a hectic past
And lots more fun to come
Of course my luck would last.

But luck can be a faithless whore
Forever running out on you
While still you lust for more
A heartless harlot you must woo

She made me what I was before
Then took it all away
Washed up on life’s grubby shore
Now look at me today

My fickle lover left me long ago
How then did I get this far?
Born by failure’s turgid flow
To end it all in Cheltenham Spa!